These Are a Few of My Favorite Things

While this is a bulldog (and for the moment pug) blog, my brain is fried. The spring sports season is almost over (soooo close) and I can barely string two sentences together, let alone a “real” blog post.

On a blog I routinely read, the author, Presley, did a “Favorites” survey so I’m going to steal the survey for some new content and maybe even provide some new information for my (minimal) readers!

Name Your Favorite…

Person – My parents. Yup, I’m cheating already because that’s more than one person.


Color – Red.

Food – Anyone who knows me has already answered that question – chocolate.

Smell – Chocolate.

Book Bet Me by Jennifer Cruise.

Movie – Clue. Robin Hood Men in Tights. Pretty Woman. Sophisticated taste, I know.


Time of day – Wine time. And bed time. Sometimes the latter directly follows the former.

Day of the week – If I don’t have to work, then definitely Saturday. But since I almost always have to work on Saturdays, then Sundays are my favorite.

Thing to do when bored – Read. Write. Do puzzles. I’m 80.

Celebrity – Derek Jeter. Still convinced I will marry him.


Drink – Wine. See above.

TV show – 24. Modern Family. 24 is literally the only show I will stay up to watch (yay for the mini-series this spring!) while Modern Family reruns are the highlight of my nights.

Fruit – Cantaloupe. Raspberries.

Vegetable – I hate vegetables, but I guess carrots.

Store/shop – Barnes & Noble.

Workout – Insanity and P90x are tied; Insanity on days I’m in a time crunch because it combines strength and cardio. I do regularly run but it’s fun maybe 0.0001% of the time.

Quote – “This too shall pass.”

Boy’s name – Well, I don’t have kids and will not be having kids in the near future. Thus, since this is a dog blog, my favorite boy dog name is Toby or Max. Buddy is a good name, too. 😉

My favorite Buddy.

My favorite Buddy.

Girl’s name – Lucy 🙂

lucy 11 months

Potato chip flavor – Salt & Vinegar. My best friend I ate these ALL. THE. TIME. in high school.

Meal of the day – Dinner because it’s usually served with wine 🙂

Ice cream flavor – Chocolate.

ice cream

Season – Summer but only because I have regular working hours over the summer months. Weather-wise summer is not my favorite (hello, humidity), but my free time in summer overrides the weather to make it my favorite season.

Dessert – Chocolate.

Lifehack – Ah, I don’t have any? I like to do things the hard way?

Hopefully I’ll have time for more posts now that summer is just around the corner!


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