To be completely honest, there isn’t much to write about (at least dog-related stuff) lately. Which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. It’s been a really nice and really relaxing summer so far. Work-wise, it’s actually been less relaxing than normal but outside of work (which is a real 9-5 job during the summer months!), I’ve been doing lots of nothing besides work for class and relaxing.

Later this week, I’ll be starting my “real” vacation with a week in the Poconos with Marty’s family. I wasn’t able to go last year because we still had Cindy and I was juggling two classes. This summer, Buddy is at his forever home and I’m taking just one class so I’m relatively free to take the week off!

Oh, and I've been practicing with my new camera, too!

Oh, and I’ve been practicing with my new camera, too!

The only reason I’m free, though, is because my parents will be (more than generously) watching Lucy while we’re gone. They are SUCH a huge help with Lucy during days/weeks like the upcoming one. Lucy adores my mother, is still scared of my dad (but might actually warm up to him by the time I pick her up at the end of the week) and is, from what I’m told, very well-behaved when she’s there. It’s really nice to not have to worry about paying to board her at the kennel.

Of course, I miss her tons while we’re gone but taking a week to get out of town is totally worth it.

Lucy relaxes by eating sticks.

Lucy relaxes by eating sticks.

After vacation we’ll re-evaluate fostering again. I know I want to foster again and quite frankly life seems boring without a foster but on the flip side, life is also much easier without a foster! I’ll be the first to admit, though, that the start of the academic year at work (which is sadly not that far off!) makes me incredibly anxious and while adding a foster would seem counter-intuitive, fostering makes me happy and forces me to see the bigger picture. Helping a dog in need is an actual valuable use of my time; worrying over a video display on the ginormous videoboard at our football field, for instance, isn’t such a valuable use of my time and thus fostering forces me to put all that in perspective.

We’ll see!


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