An Update of the Very Best Kind

I had a few blog post topics rattling around in my head but at the end of my work day this afternoon, I got the best email I’ve gotten in a very, very long time.

I’m not exaggerating when I say I think about all of our fosters every day. And today, on the one-year anniversary of Cindy’s adoption, I got an email from her mom that brought (good) tears to my eyes.

Sweet Cindy.

Sweet Cindy.

I won’t go into too many details as Cindy (now Nellie) is no longer a part of our family but there aren’t words to describe how perfect her forever home is. She is (so deservedly) spoiled and loved. She has a plethora of soft, fluffy surfaces to sleep on and no shortage of people to pet her.

Her mother sent a recent picture; I didn’t feel right posting it on the blog but just picture a bed, a pile of pillows and Nellie on top of said pillows. Heaven for a dog who deserves nothing but everything her new family is giving her.

Today’s email made my day, my week. Fostering is hard – mostly emotionally difficult – but when fosters find homes like the one Nellie found, it’s worth it 100 times over.

Here is a very small selection of my favorite Nellie photos.



Cindy's double bed setup.

Cindy’s double bed setup.


Upside down turtle!

Upside down turtle!


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