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I mentioned a few months ago that I was working with Ashley from Saving Money in Your Twenties (which is, sadly, an age group to which I no longer belong but her advice is sound advice no matter your age).

Ashley asked me to be a guinea pig of sorts as she tested out her personal coaching business. It’s no secret that sports information directors (even if they have fancy titles like mine – Director of Athletic Communications) do NOT make a lot of money. Thus, my goals in working with Ashley were to learn where in the heck my money is going each month and what I can do to maximize what I am making while balancing grad school payments.

Oh, and my long-term goal? Own a house so I can have two permanent dogs. 🙂

"What, am I not enough for you??"

“What, am I not enough for you??”

So how did the whole process go? It was really, really helpful. For the first time I feel organized in regards to my money (even what little I have); I know where my money is being spent and with Ashley’s help, I set up monthly categories for all my expenses. The goal is to stay within the max budget we set for each category. If I can do that, I’ll have more “leftover” money at the end of each month than I realized.

The key, though? Actually doing something with that “leftover” money rather than letting it sit in my checking account, destined to be spent at some point. And that’s another big thing I got out of working with Ashley; it prompted me to get cracking on the things I knew needed to be done but had been avoiding – opening up a new savings account, calling Verizon to see if I could get my monthly cell phone bill lowered, etc.

Does it take a little extra work to track and categorize my expenses? Yes. Is it difficult? No! Is it worth it? Yes!! I’m not old by any stretch but I’m not young, either, so this whole process came at a great time. My organization and saving habits remain relevant no matter how much money I go on to make one day (hey, a girl can dream).

One thought on “Grownup Stuff

  1. YAY! You were a model student- I couldn’t have asked for anyone better!!! I can’t wait to hear when you do get that house of your own- and many, many dogs! 🙂

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