Meet Isaac!

This morning I picked up Isaac!


He is eight years old, BIG and a humper! And Lucy is not a fan of his humping. At all. First time I’ve ever seen her snap at a dog. So for now he’s in the kitchen and Lucy is in the family room until they get used to each other.

From what I can tell after having him for a whole entire hour, he has lots and lots of energy. When we got home, he wouldn’t stop humping Lucy so I took him for a walk around the neighbor hood. Verdict? He is definitely a walker.

After our walk, I put him in the kitchen and put up the gate. Not 30 seconds later I heard a strange sound; he had found Marty’s medicine ball and thought it was a ball for him.

Yes, he's sitting ON the ball.

Yes, he’s sitting ON the ball.

I eventually had to take it away from him because he would not quit!

As you can see, his skin is not good so I’ll be making a vet appointment ASAP. Other than the skin (and humping), he seems to be in good shape. He’s not fat (just solid), has been neutered and obviously his joints, breathing, etc. are all fine as he sped around the block!

If the humping continues, I will definitely work on some behavior training. Usually a water bottle spritzed in the face is a good way to discourage a certain behavior, whether it be barking, biting or…humping.


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