A Welcome Box and a Follow-Up

On Thursday, Isaac got his official welcome box from S.N.O.R.T. Since our training session went really late, I held off on opening the box until Friday Isaac was a tad less exhausted!


He loved everything, particularly the tennis ball.



This morning (Saturday), Isaac and I went back to the vet so they could draw more blood for a full thyroid panel and to do a second skin scrape to run a few more tests on what might be causing his hair loss, if anything; it’s very possible that a good diet and supplements will solve all our issues.

"The vet is exhausting!"

“The vet is exhausting!”

The best part of the morning? There was another bullie in the waiting room, Titan!



Titan looked like he needed some TLC as his nose wrinkle was a crusty mess but hey, he’s not my dog and he was still absolutely adorable!

Now we wait to make sure the second round of tests don’t show anything alarming and give Isaac’s body some time to adjust to quality food and supplements!

Another picture just because he's so handsome.

Another picture just because he’s so handsome.


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