When Plans go Awry

This past weekend didn’t exactly go according to plan. My parents were supposed to visit as this was the second-to-last weekend either Marty or I have free until Thanksgiving (thinking about that makes me want to cry). Side note: yes, I know I chose this career but there are reasons I’m in grad school and I’ll leave it at that.

Anyway, Marty had a local triathlon on Saturday morning which didn’t go exactly according to his plan (more on that in his blog) and then we waited for my parents to arrive.
After a four-hour drive that should have been two-and-a-half, they arrived, met Isaac and we promptly went out to a very late lunch.

The minute we got back to my apartment, my mom started feeling sick. Ever since her stroke three years ago left her with limited speech, it’s (obviously) hard for her to communicate so we really didn’t know exactly what was wrong with her. My dad took her back to the hotel to rest and a few hours later he called to say they were packing up and heading home so my mom could be in the comfort of her own bed in case things got worse. Bummer.

My parents. Duh.

My parents. Duh.

On the bright side, it ended up being a good thing that my parents visited even briefly because Isaac is officially listed for adoption so this was probably the only time they were going to have a chance to meet him.

I have a lot of mixed feelings about Isaac’s adoption. It’s no secret that Isaac hasn’t been the easiest foster, this time due to behavioral issues rather than health issues. However, I love him, as I do all of our fosters. He is a big goof with tons of energy who is generally a sweet mush 90% of the time. However, that 10% has been difficult on us and on Lucy so it’s definitely time to find him his forever home.

His new home will have to be pretty specific: no other dogs, someone who can walk him a LOT, older children and a commitment to continued obedience training. For that reason I’m not positive this will be a quick process but at least for Isaac’s sake the ball is rolling!



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