A (Minor?) Setback

A few weeks ago we took Isaac to the vet for a re-draw of blood. The first blood work he’d had done showed a very, very slightly low thyroid level and the vet wanted to run a few additional thyroid tests.

I hadn’t heard anything and made the rookie mistake of assuming that meant everything fine; not so fast. The vet called late last week and I finally caught up with her today. Without getting too technical, Isaac still has low thyroid levels, meaning he may be suffering from hypothyroidism. What’s unusual is that hypothyroidism is usually accompanied by high antibody levels but that’s not the case with Isaac; his antibody levels are normal.


So what does it mean, then? It means that either he is A: suffering from hypothyroidism just without the high antibody levels or B: suffering from something other than a thyroid issue. The only reason the vet is slightly leaning towards hypothyroidism is because that condition sometimes causes hair loss, something from which Isaac clearly suffers!

The plan now is to treat Isaac as if he is suffering from hypothyroidism. I will be picking up medication and Isaac will go on that medication for 4-5 weeks and then we’ll re-test. Obviously this means he is on a medical hold in regards to his adoption, which breaks my heart. While he acts like he’s two, he’s almost eight-and-a-half and I want him to find his forever home ASAP so he can have as much time with them as possible.

Before I even heard this latest news from the vet, Isaac did not seem himself this morning. He peed on our dog bed which he’s NEVER done (to date he was the only dog we’ve had that hadn’t used our apartment as his or her bathroom at least once!) and doesn’t have his normal energy. It’s probably something totally unrelated to his and I’m just being paranoid, but if his lack of normal pep is related to the thyroid, I can’t wait to get him on meds and feeling better.

PS – It’s National Dog Day so give your dogs a hug today (and everyday!).


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