Do What Makes You Happy

I’ve slowly learned the value of doing what makes you happy. For years I thought I was doing what made me happy but recently I’ve come to realize that’s not the case. Some of the things that were making me happy are now making me unhappy but as simplistic as it sounds to just stop doing them, life obviously isn’t that simple.

So while I work to change those areas that are causing a lot of unhappiness in my life, I’ve started actively seeking out other things that do actually make my life more fulfilled. Fostering is one of those activities. I started volunteering with S.N.O.R.T. with zero intention to foster but once we started, I realized how fulfilled it made me. So, in the theme of doing what makes me happy, we continue to foster.

Another activity I’ve taken up is CrossFit. Trendy? Maybe. Expensive? Yes. Rewarding? You bet.

And I continue with small activities like Dog Days (to which we went back today!) to remind me that there are plenty of things in my life to look to for happiness.


She found the ice cubes.

She found the ice cubes.


She makes me so happy.

She makes me so happy.


One thought on “Do What Makes You Happy

  1. Love this! it sucks when you can’t change (or, can’t quickly change) the things that are making you unhappy. Adding more happy things definitely helps!! Also, those dog days sound brilliant. I remember we used to have “stress relief” days during finals week each semester and one year they brought in puppies! It was awesome, haha.

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