A Birthday Weekend

This weekend I traveled roughly 430 miles in 30 or so hours. It was totally worth it, though. On Saturday I traveled to Carlisle, Pa. for work then drove to New Jersey that evening to visit family for my grandmother’s 90th birthday celebration on Sunday. You only turn 90 once so of course I wanted to be there!

Just a little driving this weekend.

Just a little driving this weekend.

It also meant that I left Marty in charge of both Isaac and Lucy for the first time. Isaac isn’t exactly a difficult dog but he isn’t easy, either. First, he requires walks and Marty abhors walks, despite willingly putting himself through five-hour half-Ironman races.

Isaac is also acting up a bit more in regards to unwanted advances toward Lucy. He’s been more…humpy and determined lately and let me reiterate – he is STRONG. It is very difficult for me to pull him off of her and it’s equally difficult to nip the “attacks” in the bud because he is quick!

Fortunately everyone survived and I spent Sunday celebrating my grandmother’s birthday (and visited one of my best friend’s – and her baby bump! – for her birthday) and cuddling this sweet, adorable puppy.



Meet Pete, my aunt’s newest addition. She currently owns enough animals to rival Noah’s Ark (two horses, two cats and now two dogs). Pete is a mixed breed and it’s anyone’s guess as to what he is a mix of but he is undoubtedly one of the cutest puppies I’ve ever seen.

I definitely missed my doggies (and Marty) but it was a special weekend that I’m glad I didn’t miss out on.

The beautiful birthday girl.

The beautiful birthday girl.



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