My Plan Worked

This evening, Isaac had a quick vet appointment for follow-up bloodwork. Lest anyone forget, Isaac does not like other dogs. And what does a vet’s office have? That’s right, other dogs. Which means vet appointments are stressful, to put it mildly.

"They're not stressful for me! I love getting into it with other dogs!"

“They’re not stressful for me! I love getting into it with other dogs!”

So, I came up with the plan to take Isaac to the university track to try and tire him out. Normal walks don’t seem to drain his energy – at all – but I thought a car ride combined with new scenery and lots of people just might make him a wee bit tired so he wouldn’t act up at the vet.

Watching lacrosse practice.

Watching lacrosse practice.

Loving life.

Loving life.

After a lap around the track, we hopped back in the car to head to the vet…where Isaac didn’t start a fight with any of the three dogs in the waiting room. Miracles do happen.

And the miracles continued when I got to take a special trip to the back of the where they keep dogs recovering from surgery and there was a five-month-old English bulldog, Harley! She had to stay in her cage but you better believe I pet her through the grates. Unbelievably cute.

So, a far better evening than I had anticipated. Now we wait for Isaac’s test results to come back; hopefully they show his thyroid levels are in the normal range and we can move full steam ahead with finding him a forever home!

"Adopt me!"

“Adopt me!”


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