Odds and Ends

I’ve probably used this title for another post but it pretty much sums up what I’m about to write.

Isaac’s bloodwork results came in yesterday and everything was normal! Which is good – really good! – but also kind of mystifying. Seeing as we’re with Isaac every day, it’s hard to tell if his hair is getting better – as in, actually growing back. Well, our vet squashed any glimmer hope I had of improvement by saying his skin looked exactly the same as the pics she snapped at our first visit well over a month ago. Sigh.

With a face like this, who cares about missing fur?

With a face like this, who cares about missing fur?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m relieved his thyroid levels are back to normal. They weren’t that far off normal to begin with, though, and it’s obvious the medication had zero impact on his hair growth, so we can stop giving Isaac the thyroid medication.

The next step? After consulting with a doggie dermatologist, our vet suggested adding a melatonin supplement to his diet. Even though melatonin is used as a sleep aid for humans, when given to dogs it can help with alopecia (hair loss) in addition to acting as a sleep aid. Um, Isaac certainly doesn’t need help sleeping but we’ll give it a whirl and see how he responds both with his energy levels and his hair, or lack thereof.

In other news, Lucy and I attended our final Dog Days of the academic year. It’s obvious we both love going but this year Lucy’s reaction has been particularly memorable. I don’t know if it’s being able to escape from Isaac for a few hours or what, but Lucy just cannot control herself on Dog Days. The minute we get out of the car she goes racing towards the middle of campus where the event is held. She always has her Susquehanna jersey on and she does this awesomely cute little hop/run across the quad. She tugs on the leash the whole way there and run-hops as fast as her short, stubby, jersey-impeded legs will let her.

It’s just fabulous to see her get so excited and we have a great time there. Until next year!


Making friends.

Making friends.


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