“I Get To”

I really don’t talk publicly about some of the deeper issues with which I’ve dealt over the past…10 years? (Wow, hard to believe it’s been that long). I suffered from an eating disorder and anxiety/depression and to a certain extent still do. These issues are almost always under control now but they’re issues I always fear will return. There are some days I forget what it was like to live through that and other days where I feel exactly how I felt for all those years. But as the years have passed, I’m not really afraid or embarrassed to talk about these issues; I don’t go around speaking unprompted about them, but they’re not things I hide anymore.

Anyway, one thing that gets me to readjust my thinking on those “my life s*cks” days is to repeat the simple phrase, “I get to.” I was thinking about it today while I was home for lunch break and walked in to this sweet mush of a face:


Instead of letting every negative thought cross my mind – like “Lucy will take forever to do her business” or “Isaac is going to pee on every single bush on our walk and I’ll barely have to eat lunch” – I think to myself, “I get to.” I get to come home every single day for lunch. I get to take care of these two doggies that I love. I get to come home to them every night. I get to take them for walks. I get to exercise. I get to go to work. Those are all things not everyone gets to do.

A quick change of words from “I have to” to “I get to” shifts everything. Things seem less like a burden and more like a privilege when you phrase it this way.

I’m not a patient person by nature but this phrase also helps to calm me down when I’m about to lose it. It’s become particularly helpful since I got dogs because, even though I love them, they do routinely  test my patience.

I have no idea where this post really came from as it’s not directly bulldog-related but maybe it can help someone having a rough time of it.


2 thoughts on ““I Get To”

  1. I love that. I have those days too, where everything seems annoying/terrible. Changing the way you phrase things in your head is a really good idea. I’m going to try this 🙂

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