Best Part of My Day

I kind of like a routine. Family and friends who are reading this are laughing because there has never been a truer statement written. My like love of a routine is what makes my job so difficult for me; there is no routine. Every day is different and while that has its advantages, for someone like me it can be emotionally difficult to manage at times.

Anyway, I’m usually able to hit a nice routine in the winter. The only home games we have during the winter sports season are on Wednesday nights and Saturday afternoons. This means that for the first time since August, I know I’ll be home most nights. In just a few weeks, that goes out the window when we host our first home men’s lacrosse game on a Sunday afternoon; from that point until May, there is no routine so I’m trying to savor it while I can.

All day yesterday I was thinking about getting home, taking the dogs out, feeding them, taking Isaac for a walk and then sitting on the couch with the dogs and a glass of wine. And that is the best part of my day. It’s often not as idyllic as it sounds; Isaac’s usually humping Lucy, I find myself sitting in a drool spot on the couch, etc. But that sort of doesn’t matter because it’s the thought of such a perfect coming-home routine that keeps me going during the days.

She usually makes room for me on the couch.

She usually makes room for me on the couch.

PS – Exactly one month from today, this little nugget turns THREE!




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