Isaac Found His Forever Home

After nearly seven months of fostering, Isaac has found his perfect forever home. It happened very quickly; the adoption was approved late Friday night and by this afternoon he was in his forever home. I didn’t have a lot of time to mentally prepare, which is maybe a good thing, maybe not.

Oh, I love him.

Oh, I love him.

I found out Friday night the adoption was approved and then spent most of Saturday at work so the adoption didn’t really have time to sink in but no doubt about it now – he’s gone. I’m not doing well; I spent the majority of the car ride home fighting back tears (and losing).

If you have any dog for 6 1/2 months there is obviously an attachment that forms. But I fell in love with him. Head over heels in love. There were so many things I love(d) about him. His eyes. His nubbin and how it shook when he was happy. His energy. The way he’d rest his head on your lap so you would pay attention to him. The way he’d flip his bed upside down to lay in it. The way he’d “run it in” on the last stretch of our daily walks. The way he’d wiggle his butt and grab a toy the minute you walked in the door. The way he barreled down the stairs, almost head-first into the front door. The perfect brown spot right over his rump. His fascination obsession with cars. The way, for the last two weeks, he’s slept in our bed at night. And how he placed his butt directly on Marty’s pillow every night 🙂


Probably my favorite memory from the past few months is from Christmas morning. We were at my parents’ house and I was the first one awake. So I got up, fed the dogs and took Isaac for his daily after-breakfast walk. It was still early and there wasn’t a soul outside but all the outdoor Christmas lights were on, Christmas trees were lit and you could tell which families had little kids because those were the only homes with lights on inside. It was so peaceful and quiet…just the most perfect morning.


His new home is just so perfect, though. He is so, so loved already. And his adoption is going to be so good for everyone (except me!). His new mom could not be happier, Isaac could not be going to a better home and Lucy will finally get some peace! But oh man, I miss him. So very much.

Isaac and his new mommy.

Isaac and his new mommy.

And now some more of my favorite pics from the past six-plus months:







Utter sweetness.

Utter sweetness.



2 thoughts on “Isaac Found His Forever Home

  1. Aw, I’m happy and sad to hear this! I can’t imagine how hard it is to bond with a dog for months and then have him leave.. even if it is to a good, forever home. You did an awesome job taking care of him and I love that you wrote this post so now you can always go back and relive the memories! 🙂

    • Thanks so much!! That’s a huge reason for the blog – it’s so nice to have those memories to look back on. Already got a picture from his new mom – he’s all snuggled in his brand new bed doing just fine!

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