So Very Quiet

(A quick preface before I continue: I am in NO way saying that I wish Lucy were different because I absolutely do not; but she and Isaac were so dissimilar that it makes life without Isaac a drastic change).

So life without Isaac is…different. And quiet. That’s stating the obvious, I know. But he and Lucy were/are very different dogs. Isaac displayed unbridled joy the minute you walked in the door, no matter how long you’d been gone. Lucy? She doesn’t even lift her head up when I come home for lunch and only sort of acknowledges me when I come home from work and that’s only because she knows my arrival means it’s almost dinner time.

I will gain approximately 10 pounds now that I'm not walking Isaac three times a day.

I will gain approximately 10 pounds now that I’m not walking Isaac three times a day.

Like I began this post by saying, in no way do I wish Lucy was different. Lucy is awesome and I love, love, love her little quirks. It’s just a culture shock to come home at lunch or after work to a relatively calm and quiet apartment. There was nothing calm or quiet about Isaac so it’s just a change, that’s all.

Last night I kept waiting for a head on my lap while I ate dinner and I had this constant feeling of “something’s missing” when I went to bed because Isaac usually followed me there, at least for the last few weeks we had him. I came home from CrossFit this morning and…just sat there having coffee. No Isaac to take right out for a walk.

I miss this face.

I miss this face.

But, Lucy definitely has some of her spark back. She is a lot more playful and can now run free in the apartment without worrying about Mr. Humpy attacking her. And that’s really, really good to see.

Lucy turns three (!!) early next month and with just one dog now, it means I have more time to force help Lucy to drop a few much-needed pounds so that I don’t get yelled at by the vet at her yearly check-up!


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