Cross Your Fingers…

Lucy goes to the vet on Thursday for her yearly physical and I’m praying she hasn’t gained too much weight. She’s definitely…rounder than this time last year and I have a sneaking suspicion the vet is going to tell me she’s got to drop some pounds. The unfortunate part is she still doesn’t like to walk unless she’s in the mood (so, once a week, no more). I foresee a diet consisting of carrots for treats instead of real dog treats.

My plan is brush her and get as much loose hair off of her – every ounce counts, right?? And if you’ve seen Lucy lately you’d know all you have to do is touch her and hair falls off. Shedding is no joke.

Maybe her cuteness will make them forget her fatness?

Maybe her cuteness will make them forget her fatness?

In all seriousness, she also has a patch of hair that’s starting to thin just like last year. I’m hoping it’s just seasonal but she’s already on a high dose of fish oil which was the solution last time around. And her paws remain red but sort of under control. So, other than those minor things, I’m expecting a clean (and expensive) bill of health. My budget certainly hopes nothing unexpected arises.

Lucy, for one, will be giddy when she realizes we’re going for a car ride AND to the vet. She loves the vet. A strange dog, for sure.

In other news, this was the scene on our couch last night – a first for these two.

The Hump Monster is tamed...for a bit.

The Hump Monster is tamed…for a bit.

Isaac still has a lot of issues around Lucy but I have to say they may be a tad more manageable since he’s been back. Not great and over-stimulation is a definite precursor to an attack on Lucy, but it might be better. Not good. But better.


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