Survey of Threes

Three Things I Did Tonight:
1. Took Isaac for a walk. I hadn’t seen him practically all day!

I missed him.

I missed him.

2. Watched NCAA basketball. #marchmadness
3. Worked, unfortunately. Three game recaps to write tonight for our athletic teams.

My Three Spring Must-Haves:
1. Warmer weather (duh). I spent five hours in 31 degree temps at work today (real feel temps of 19-21 degrees. Balmy.).
2. Skirts. I love wearing skirts but really wear none in the winter. Kind of obsessed with this skirt right now:
3. New sandals. I seem to have a need to buy a new pair each spring.

Three Foods I Eat Everyday:
1. Almonds
2. Lara bar
3. Baby carrots. Not because I like them all that much but because they’re the most convenient veggie to eat. I would much rather eat this every day:
Three Things I Am (was) Excited for This Weekend:
1. Friday night TV (Marty gone = Say Yes to the Dress marathon)
2. Saturday morning CrossFit class. Open workout 15.5 complete!
3. Posting my final recap on Sunday night so I can truly relax.

Three Books I am Reading Right Now:
Going to cheat because I never read three books at once! I am, however, reading one book and occasionally skimming through another:
1. The Paris Winter
2. The Mental Athlete (because I am a mental midget when it comes to athletic endeavors).


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