It’s been a while since I’ve posted anything. Not that there isn’t stuff going on but nothing terribly interesting. For a week or so the weather was gorgeous so we had the dogs outside a lot for walks and playtime, the latter of which Lucy enjoys.

Strutting her stuff at the dog park.

Strutting her stuff at the dog park.


We spent a quiet Easter at home; with our work schedules we weren’t able to make a trip back to New Jersey to see family so we had a surprisingly relaxing weekend at home.

But now for the title of this post. Isaac is of course still with us and there isn’t an adoption in his near future from what I know of the applications (or lack thereof) that have come in for him. We’re closing in on nine months with him and there are still parts of his behavior that I’m convinced have to be “fixed” or at least alleviated before he’ll be a successful adoption story.

Isaac definitely needs more obedience training; while he loves to walk, he loves to walk where he wants to walk. And if I try to guide him toward the route I want to take, it’s a no go. Obviously I’m supposed to be the one leading Isaac, not the other way around, so there’s one area on which we can improve.


But what I’m most concerned with, honestly, is his behavior. He has never, ever been friendly toward other dogs (except Lucy, but we all know that Isaac’s version of friendly doesn’t go over well with Lucy…). From day one we picked up on that and I chalked it up to him allegedly having been attacked as a puppy.

Lately, though, he’s been hit or miss with people for no reason I can determine and I’m not going to let him continue being that way. I took Isaac to the vet today for some routine bloodwork to make sure there isn’t an underlying health concern that’s making him crankier than normal and then I’m going to try my best to enroll him in a behavior training session (or two, or three).

Hamming it up at the vet.

Hamming it up at the vet.

I’ve never met a sweeter dog when he’s inside his home. Around myself and Marty he’s a total marshmallow. He cuddles with us, lets us get close to his face, give him hugs and kisses, etc. Outside the home, though, he’s too hot and cold for my liking. I refuse to believe he can’t change so I’m going to exhaust all options. I love him to death and that’s why I’m determined to get to the bottom of what’s going on inside that head of his!


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