My Little Helper

On Friday, I was able to give Lucy a few hours peace from Isaac when she accompanied me on a home visit for S.N.O.R.T.!

I’m not able to do a ton of home visits because of my location (I’m really not near anything) and because they usually happen on the weekends – except I don’t really have weekends from late August through May. Anyway, this home visit was for a potential adopter (no, not of Isaac, sadly) for one of S.N.O.R.T.’s fosters and it was only an hour away in Harrisburg.

Lucy loves car rides and I knew Isaac would get a car ride on Saturday when I took him to the group dog walk so I loaded her in and off we went!

Yeah, she enjoyed the car ride.

Yeah, she enjoyed the car ride.

The family I was doing the home visit for had a Boston Terrier, Tank. Unfortunately Tank wasn’t a huge fan of Lucy – although apparently he adored his pug sister that passed just recently – but Lucy was too excited to care. She helped herself to some dry cat food and found a rawhide that, in true Lucy fashion, she became obsessed with. Seriously – Tank could have been ready to rip her head off (which he wasn’t, by the way) and she wouldn’t have noticed. She was happy as a clam. Once she shoved the rawhide so far under the coffee table she couldn’t get to it, I took it as a sign that the home visit was done.

All in all, a brief but fun outing for both of us. Hopefully I can do a few more this summer while I have the time and Lucy can “help” out again.


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