Take Your Pet to Work Day

Just checking in with an adorable photo from today! Around 11 a.m. I found out today (June 26) was not only Derek Jeter’s birthday but also Take Your Pet to Work Day! On Fridays during the summer I try to leave the office by mid-afternoon so I figured if I brought Isaac back to the office with me after lunch he could hang out and meet people before calling it a day.

He got antsy quickly since I had to shut my office door so he wouldn’t escape but I got him to sit still long enough in front of our official athletics backdrop to snap a quick photo (or five!).

The next SU mascot.

The next SU mascot.

Of course Lucy was jealous Isaac got to go for a car ride so after work she got a ride to PetSmart to get her nails ground down; let’s just say the car ride was the highlight of that trip. She’s not a fan of the groomers although they’re certainly fans of her.

I figured we’d do as many activities as possible today since the weekend is just about guaranteed to be a washout and neither dog ventures outside in the rain. Wish us luck with our soggy weather!


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