A Staycation with the Doggies

This past week I was off from work for a staycation (I hate that word for some reason but it’s appropriate in this case). Marty went on the annual vacation with his family to the Poconos; I normally go but my parents were unable to watch Lucy this year and we had just paid to have Isaac dog-sat only two weeks ago when we went to St. Croix. It was easier (and much cheaper) to have me stay behind with the dogs.

Things went fine until Thursday; the dogs were well-behaved (I don’t think Isaac humped Lucy once) and while the week was a tad on the boring side, it was definitely relaxing.

Isaac clearly thought my daily afternoon naps were taking relaxing too far.

Isaac clearly thought my daily afternoon naps were taking relaxing too far.

The three of us had a nice routine each day – until Thursday.

On Wednesday night around 8 p.m., our landlord informed me he’d be over the next day at 8 a.m. to put in our new windows. Which meant I had to deal with two dogs (one of which is petrified of everything and one of which hates everyone) on my own. Fun stuff.

The minute the workers knocked on the door, Isaac went bananas and Lucy cowered in a corner. I had to pen Isaac in the kitchen, then upstairs as they worked their way to the different rooms, while Lucy was a ball of nerves. In fact, she was so scared she ran faster than I’ve ever seen her run right out the open front door, knocking over and breaking a flower pot in the process.

After 20 minutes I’d already had enough so a coach from my gym offered to take Isaac off my hands until they were done; Lucy and I then went on a long car ride until they were done.

This is pretty much what the three of us looked like the rest of the day:

I found out later that day that apparently my vet will board dogs for just $8 a day; so my word of advice? If you have more advance notice than I did, put your dogs somewhere when work is being done on your house. Lucy still hasn’t recovered; I can’t go near our curtains without her freaking out because one of them fell down in the middle of the night after they weren’t put back up properly on Thursday.

I should have a more interesting post on Monday; we’re approaching a year (!) of fostering Isaac and I’m hoping that on Monday we’ll take a major step toward making him more adoptable.

PS – The week of relaxation allowed me to PR at my first 5k in 8-9 years with a time of 22:39, good for third in my age group and 58th of over 1,000 runners. Probably the highlight of my week – I never do well at athletic endeavors!



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