Some Updates

It’s been a semi-long gap between posts but life has been pretty routine.

Lady had surgery just over two weeks ago (spay and a dental – she lost 14 teeth!) and has her post-surgery re-check tomorrow. Everything seems to be healed perfectly at this point.


Post-surgery and so out of it.

And just about a week ago, she was officially listed for adoption on SNORT’s webpage. I knew she was healing well and felt confident her re-check would go well so we went ahead and put her up for adoption. Based on her age and the fact that she’s not a purebred, we’re all very well aware this adoption may take longer than others due to a likely lack of interest so the earlier we could post her, the better.

I had mixed feelings about listing her, as I do about essentially all of my fosters. She gets along with Lucy and is a great apartment dog. She’s also super attached to me.


So attached she sits on my bookbag before I leave for work.

An example of that attachment:

Lady hates cold and/or inclement weather. Despises it. Hates rain. Abhors the cold (although I don’t blame her given her zero percent body fat and the fact that she was found as a stray in the middle of winter – probably PTSD if dogs can suffer that kind of thing). Hates snow on the ground. Hates snow falling on her. So, I have to capitalize on her attachment to me in order to get her outside.

On bad weather days, I take Lucy out and leave the patio door open just enough for Lady to get out. This morning was such a morning – cold and miserable. I took Lucy out and eventually Lady lost sight of us from her perch inside the patio door. Not even one minute later, Lady – in her little pink sweater – came flying out of the patio door, little legs moving as fast as they could to find us (thank goodness her vision is better than her hearing…), ears flapping away. She had a look of such determination to get to us (it wasn’t hard. We were 20 feet away). I wouldn’t do this with most dogs but she really is so attached that I know she will run directly to me when she spots me.

That being said, since she forms such strong attachments, I know she will adore an owner who is home more than I am and that’s what I’m hoping to find and that’s why I listed her for adoption. If I can find a forever home that can give her more constant company than I can, it’s a win-win for everyone.

And a quick Lucy update – she turned FIVE on March 10! I cannot believe she is five already. That’s (sadly) upper middle-age for bulldogs.


Part of her gift? A trip to the office with me for the afternoon.

Some not-so-good Lucy news: at our last vet visit, they noticed a growth on her upper right gum. It’s probably the size of a pea and looks just like a piece of her gum – unfortunately, it’s a piece that’s not supposed to be there. And even more unfortunate, they have to put her under to remove it. It doesn’t seem to be causing her pain but since we don’t know what it is, it has to be removed. It also may be causing her pain and she’s just not visibly showing it. The surgery is scheduled for March 23 and while she’s under they’ll do a dental so it’s going to be one expensive surgery. Fortunately, my major medial pet insurance should cover the growth removal so that’s something.

So, please feel free to share the news about Lady’s adoption and send good thoughts to Lucy!


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