Bulldog Slippers

Today’s post is sponsored by Bunnyslippers.com but all thoughts and opinions are my own.

Roughly a week ago, I was contacted by a company, Bunny Slippers, about reviewing a pair of bulldog slippers. Today, I received my bulldog slippers and I am ridiculously giddy.


To answer the obvious questions: yes, I realize these make me look like an even crazier dog lady. No, I will not wear these in public.

But guess what – I live alone with no one from the male species around to impress and I freaking love these slippers.


Little known fact – I cannot live without slippers. As soon as I get home, slippers go on and rarely come off. I pack my “back-up” pair when I travel and I even wear slippers a lot during the summer months. I know flip flops are just as easy (and make more sense in the summer) but they’re simply not as comfortable!

I currently have one pair of slippers (a new pair of the same exact slippers are purchased every Christmas!) and I love them but I beat them to death; having a second pair of (more fun) slippers will extend the life of my other pair. It’s been a while since I had slippers that were anything but basic slip-ons; one year when Lucy was a teeny puppy I had a pair that cute little bows on them. I never wore them because all Lucy did was try to eat the bows.

This time around? Well, she’s not eating them, at least…

So what about the slippers themselves? Not entirely practical. It’s not easy to walk in them but man, are they super comfortable! It’s walking around in super soft and cushy socks! The bottoms have plenty of grip and are sturdier than I was expecting.

In short? Super fun pair of slippers and they really are adorable, if not 100 percent practical!


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