Life Lately 2.0

I’m pretty sure I’ve done a Life Lately post before, so we’ll call this one 2.0 and I’ve got about six weeks of events to catch up on.

First of all, Lucy’s surgery recovery went great. She was back to normal very quickly and the dental specialist finally got back to my vet – no further surgery is needed at this point. There is a very good chance the tumor on her gum will come back, but my vet got very good margins on the first surgery so the specialist recommended a wait-and-see approach. If/when it comes back, we’ll remove the tooth around which the tumor has grown; until then, we’re in the clear!

18342619_10101409771189169_3756086363044233916_n (1).jpg

She’s been super cuddly lately.

We go to the vet (a.k.a. Lucy’s favorite place in the world) for her annual check-up on Wednesday, so that should be an easy appointment.

I’ve kept super busy the past six weeks. I’ve run three races in three weeks, competed in a CrossFit competition and celebrated my dad’s retirement, Mother’s Day and a wedding. And in less than a month, I leave for St. Croix (!!).

So here’s a photo dump of Life Lately (in no particular order)!

18486392_10101425515916609_1294773384601783728_n (1)

5:30 a.m. girls at Coach Amanda’s wedding. We clean up well.


Festivus Games. Festivus for the rest of us. 


The guest of honor at his retirement party.


The 5:30 a.m. girls have #goals


Celebrating Dad’s retirement


Third female at a four-miler that included wine. My kind of race.


Volunteered as a running buddy with Girls on the Run and had an absolute blast.


Oh yeah, David Blaine visited our office and did a card trick show for us.

17861533_10101380964697609_1213891844695691319_n (1).jpg

Hell froze over and I got my brother out for a jog.

It hasn’t been all roses; there are still good days and bad days. But I have to say – there are more good days and I am loving my new home. I love the area and I’ve already made more friends than I did in six-plus years in Selinsgrove. Part of that is my job – I just have more free time now. But there is also simply more to do here. And I’ve gotten better at doing things alone – I signed up for and ran all those races by myself. Not going to lie, sometimes it’s strange being at an event like that alone (especially when you run a race at a vineyard and drink your post-race glass of wine by yourself at 10:30 a.m.) but I’ve had a blast. As someone who is wildly uncomfortable in social situations, I’m proud that I’ve found a good balance of busy time and down time.

Oh, and yes I will foster again. I’d like to wait until after my vacation in mid-late June. After that, as soon as the right foster comes across I’ll embark on foster adventure #8!



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