My name is Katie and despite growing up with dogs, I moved around quite a bit after graduating college. Because I have a job in college athletics, I never felt my lifestyle was stable enough to own a puppy of my own…until May of 2012 when my boyfriend and I brought home our eight-week old English bulldog puppy, Lucy. She has been a better addition to our home than I ever could have imagined! Her wrinkles make me smile every day and her butt wiggles are the best greeting when I walk in the door.


Baby Lucy

This blog is a place for me to talk about Lucy, her stories, bulldog issues, my adventures in fostering and more.

In January, 2013 I couldn’t say no and brought home our first foster dog through the rescue group for which I volunteer, SNORT. Cindy was rescued from a nearby Amish puppy mill and we agreed to foster her and get her healthy so she could find her forever home. Well, in July, 2013 Cindy found her perfect home.

And then in September of the same year, we unexpectedly fostered again! Meet Snow White (Snowy), another puppy mill mama who needed to find a new foster home:



Snowy found her forever home in February of 2014 and she could not have landed a better family. She was the sweetest, most fun dog and we (me, Marty and Lucy) all miss her terribly but she is living the life she deserves with her new family!

One month later we brought home Buddy the Pug whom we fostered for three months before he found his perfect forever home just minutes away from our house!


On Aug. 2, 2014, Isaac became our fourth foster and most definitely our most complex foster to date. Isaac stayed with us for a total of 17 months, minus a failed, 10-day adoption in the winter of 2015. He was dog aggressive, distrustful of strangers, a humper of Lucy and yet the sweetest dog ever with Marty and myself. Because of the length of time we had him, we all became super attached and very protective of Isaac. We knew it would be hard to find a good home for him but we did indeed find one; just before Christmas 2015, Isaac was adopted by the perfect dad and Isaac is thriving.


Next, I brought home Novalee. Novalee was yet another puppy mill mama who was just one year old when we got her, had already had one litter of puppies and was diagnosed with spinda bifida, among several other spinal issues. She was one of the prettiest dogs I’ve ever seen, SO sweet with people and we worked hard to get her to learn how to co-exist with Lucy. On March 11, Novalee went to her forever home in New Jersey with a mom who will love her to death. Nova was a short foster – just 10 weeks or so – but I fell madly in love with her. I’ve never met a dog who so craved human contact at all times. And that face is one you cannot forget.


After Novalee, Blossom marked our sixth foster and second pug. I loved that dog so much. She had suffered abuse by children for so many years and was a very jumpy, nervous dog (understandably). She got so much more comfortable around people in the two or so months we had her. She was our shortest foster, to my dismay. I had given serious thought to adopting her because of her age and because I hated seeing her have to go through another transition to a new home but she found a great dad.


Foster #7 was the first foster on my own – Lady. She was found as a stray in Maryland and was in rough shape. She looked like she’d lived a rough life. I won’t pretend she was the most beautiful dog I’ve ever seen but I just loved her. She was mostly deaf and was just the easiest dog ever – she spent all day every day sleeping in her bed or curled on the couch. She found a loving older couple who adopted her and she also has a Boston Terrier who loved Lady at first sight.


And my most recent foster was Kramer, foster #8. He was a puppy mill survivor and perhaps my most fun foster to date. That guy just made me laugh every single day. I’ve wanted to keep all of my fosters – in that regard I’ve been very lucky – and he was no exception. He fit in great with Lucy and just made life around here so much fun. He was adopted in October 2017 and has a great mom and pug brother.