Adventures with Lucy

Now that the weather is warmer, I’m trying to get out more to explore my “new” city. I moved here in the middle of November and so until now, the weather hasn’t really been conducive to outdoor activities. But, last weekend was absolutely perfect so Lucy and I explored a new dog park.


The pitfall of having no snout? Inability to pick up a frisbee.


I know, she’s beautiful.

The dog park is ridiculously nice. It is turf (a bonus after all the rain we’ve had) and has a big dog section and a small dog section. There are beautiful Adirondack chairs for the humans and a water feature that turns on in warmer weather – can’t wait to bring Lucy back in the summer to see her reaction to that!

As usual, she wasn’t so into playing with other dogs but made several trips up and down the park, basking in the human attention and pets. She was super content to roam and watch the other dogs.

On Wednesday, we had a post-op follow-up scheduled at the vet. Everything has healed great – now the question is what to do about her tooth around which the tumor grew? The tumor she had removed will almost certainly come back because it grew around that tooth and its ligaments ( didn’t know teeth had ligaments?); as long as that tooth and its ligaments are still there, the tumor will almost certainly re-grow.

Our vet sent her biopsy and x-rays to a specialist to determine if we remove the tooth and its ligaments now or wait for the tumor to re-grow. Either way it looks like we’re facing surgery relatively soon or down the road.

Fortunately, she adores the vet and while I absolutely do not want to put her under for surgery again, she handles surgery, anesthesia and recovery really well and is super happy to be at the vet.


Ridiculously happy to be at the vet.

Because our appointment was late in the evening, I took her to work with me this afternoon so we could go right to the vet after work. She had a blast.


Taking it all in at work.


Pretty nice setup under my desk. 

Next weekend we go to New Jersey for a brief weekend visit with my parents so the adventures continue!


Lucy and Dude, Sitting in a Tree…

Since Tuesday I’ve been on my own with Lucy. Marty left to work at an annual running camp in the Poconos and won’t be back until this weekend. Unfortunately for Lucy, her favorite owner (Marty) is the one who left and she’s stuck with her least favorite owner (me) for the week.

I could tell she was a bit sad this week and since the weather yesterday and today has been on the cooler side, at least as far as August goes, I thought I’d take her for a trip to the dog park after work today.

Well, just our luck and who was there? Another bulldog named Dude (whose name I LOVE)! We’ve actually met Dude before on a handful of occasions during his walks in our neighborhood- Cindy took a particular liking to him – but we hadn’t seen him in several months.

So it was a bulldog party at the dog park today!


Do NOT let this picture fool you! Dude is not fixed and he spent the entire time very, ahem, excited, that Lucy was there and pretty much chased her everywhere!

Lucy was on guard the entire time.

Lucy was on constant guard.

I have to hand it to him, he was persistent!

I have to hand it to him, he was persistent!

It was hard to get a photo of them because they didn’t stop running around the entire time.

Two cuties!

Two cuties!

And this was the aftermath:

Either tired or missing Dude.

Either tired or missing Dude.

Sadly, I found out that Dude’s family is looking to find a new home for him (and this family is actually his second family; he was given to them from a family friend when he was about a year). They have a lot of kids (three boys, from what I counted at the park today!) and all of them are involved in sports so the family feels badly they don’t have the time for Dude that he deserves. I told her that S.N.O.R.T. gladly accepts any short-nosed dogs who are in need of finding new homes for whatever reason so maybe Dude’s family will look into that option since they said they hadn’t had much luck yet in finding him a new family.

Looks like today may have been Lucy and Dude’s first and last date!